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Extreme Edge Agency is a small but mighty, woman-led brand agency, passionate about effecting the change we want to see. Based in Los Angeles, our boutique firm specializes in giving minority and women owned small businesses the opportunity to thrive, and make a positive impact in their community.


Minorities and women own 39.6% (combined) of all businesses. These firms directly contribute to the U.S. economy and account for the creation of millions of U.S. jobs. Yet less than 2% of them gross over $1M in revenue . We're on a mission to change that!

Leveling the playing field to give these small businesses the brand help and access they need to build, grow and scale successful brands, is what drives us to get out of bed every day.




Get brand help from our LA-based boutique firm

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We understand the unique challenges small businesses face, because we are a small business. Our team spent decades creating, testing, and perfecting creative strategies and processes to navigate the brand and marketing minefield to get you results.

When you choose us as your brand partner, you get plugged into premium resources and advanced expertise that would ordinarily be difficult to access on your own. This makes it possible for you to put the big brand experience to work for your small business.

We pay it forward

At Extreme Edge, we believe that the success of a business isn't only measured by profits, but also by its wider impact. That's why our dedication to donating 10% of our profits towards the empowerment of the marginalized within our community is central to our ethos and operations. 

Your collaboration with us doesn't merely elevate your brand through our unparalleled marketing expertise; it also contributes to improving the quality of life for others. So when you choose us, you are not merely opting for world-class brand and marketing services —you're joining a movement. Let's make a difference together!

our team

With over 50 years of combined branding experience, our team flourishes because every member of the team genuinely love what they do, and believe in our mission to empower small businesses.