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Extreme Edge Agency.    Get Brand Results.    Extreme Edge Agency.    Get Brand Results.    Extreme Edge Agency.    Get Brand Results.    Extreme Edge Agency.    Get Brand Results.    Extreme Edge Agency.    Get Brand Results.    Extreme Edge Agency.    Get Brand Results.    
Extreme Edge Agency's Brand Strategy Consulting

IT'S NOW easier to 

increase sales

Consistently get customers to choose your products/services over your competitors, recommend your brand to others, and inspire employees to work harder to boost sales.

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Extreme Edge Agency is Developing Branding Strategies for small Businesses


authority status

Confidently grow your brand to be a leader in your industry, even if your marketing strategy is a "work in progress", and your competitors have bigger budgets.

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Extreme Edge Creative Boutique Agency


our work

Take a look at how we helped other small business brands  get an edge. Then, connect with us so we can help you do the same.

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We are a woman-Led boutique BRAND agency.

Extreme Edge Agency is a small but mighty, woman-led agency, passionate about effecting the change we want to see. Women own 43.2%, and Minorities own 19.4% of all small businesses. These firms directly contribute to the U.S. economy and account for the creation of millions of U.S. jobs. Yet nearly half are failing and less than 2% of them gross over $1M in revenue . We're on a mission to change that!

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"All brand agencies aren't created equal. Working with Extreme Edge Agency catapulted my brand into the big leagues. I have the success I dreamed of and a brand I'm proud of."

~ Tisha R., CEO
TRose Productions, LLC
"Starting a new business is not easy but my personal brand strategist at Extreme Edge was so professional and knowledgeable. She created a brand image that was so impressive, I was able to increase my consultation fees, and land more high valued clients."

~ Marian G.
Life Coach

"My brand image was outdated. I contacted Extreme Edge Agency and they created a bold, relevant image for me. I LOVE it! My re-brand opened doors to new business opportunities."

~ Jennifer N.
Licensed Notary

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