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impact community united's Story

This new non-profit came to us for help to develop their brand. After working with them for 3 months, we created a brand strategy and marketing plan.

The Results

Positioned the brand to bid for and secure grants and government contracts.

brand image

brand narrative



ojas' Story

We helped this new Caribbean based beauty brand, create their luxurious image. They wanted their brand to  cater to the unique beauty needs of the diverse Caribbean woman. We created a memorable brand message and brand experiences to competitively position them in the Caribbean market.

The Results

Secure the funding they needed in preparation for their official launch.

brand identity

brand experience

packaging design

event design

Si's Frozen delights' Results

Founded by an 18 year old with big dreams and a limited budget, we created a fun and vibrant image for this Caribbean based frozen cocktails brand. We decided to host several pop-up shop events on the island, The revenue earned from these events, allowed the young entrepreneur to to continue growing the brand.

The Results

Secured 2 major local distribution deals.

book publishing


website development


TRose Productions' Results

This author came to us for help to publish her second title and to breathe life into her 2 other businesses. We did a complete brand makeover, creating a new image to make the brand more relevant and published a second title.

The Results

Marketing ROI was 9.7% wihin the first 3 months.

brand identity



Knight safety consultant's Story

The founder of this company came to us with a concept and after several months working with us we were able to successfully create a brand that outperformed their biggest local competitor to secure a major contract.

The Results

Launched the business and secured a 3yr contract.

book design


packaging design

brand strategy

Daily me-Time's Story

Yet another start-up that came to us with an idea and we created a truly remarkable brand. This self-care publishing company is dedicated to empowering women, so we created a brand that would offer the desired experience the client wanted their customers to have, through creative design and experiential marketing tactics.

The Results

Increased mailing list subscribers to 5 figures in preparation for a Spring 2023 launch.

digital marketing

brand event

personal branding

beauty consultant's Story

This independent beauty consultant needed help to stand out in a very competitive industry. Through our unique approach to brand strategy, we helped this solopreneur identify an underserved market in the industry. We then tailored the brand image, message and digital assets to attract that audience. Her business took off.

The Results

Increased sales by 300% in the first 3 months

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